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March 2017 Monthly Income Report

Monthly Income Report March 2017

March was an exciting month because I finally kicked off a number of projects, which required all sorts of prep work but also some heavy investments. Most of the projects are still in the research phase, but they are also eating up cash while I have people set up prototypes for me.

The most exciting project right now is probably ThreadBasket, which will eventually become a private marketplace for t-shirt designs. Promoters who do not have the time or the skills to design shirts, will able to purchase them on ThreadBasket at an affordable price, without having to deal with freelancers directly.
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February 2017 Monthly Income Report

Monthly Income Report February 2017

Alrighty, so Q1 2017 is all about simplification for me. These income reports for example, as much as they may be valuable to you, they cost me a lot of time and work to prepare them. The whole process is cumbersome, complicated and the level of detail I provide is killing me while doing in.

That’s why I’m going to cut them shorter. Less details on currencies and taxes, less overall text. I will still be giving a recap, but I don’t be talking all too much about my future plans. I’d rather write a different blog post on that. I hope you’re happy with the slightly new format. It will definitely help me in publishing these income reports on a more regular basis and not so SUPER late in the month 😉

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January 2017 Monthly Income Report

Monthly Income Report January 2017

Apologies for the very late update again. I am currently still on holiday and was focusing on a lot of other projects, therefore this fell a little bit behind. But in terms of business performance, January was all about seeing what the impacts would be of some of the major changes I made around New Year’s.

But let’s not waste any time and just get right down to it.
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December 2016 Monthly Income Report

Monthly Income Report December 2016

Alrighty my friends! Christmas season is over and as you can imagine, a big chunk of revenue was flushed into the accounts during the most lucrative time of the year. That being said, I must admit that it surely wasn’t my best Christmas and I’m actually a bit disappointed. The numbers could have easily been higher and there were no particular indications that this was to be expected, other than that November was also a bit a of slow month. Don’t be fooled by the earnings you see in the table. The actual income is only paid out in January, so the bulk will show up there…like it did in January 2016.

But you know what? I have far more interesting news to report and truth be told, I’m a bit nervous. Actually, I’m super nervous. In the early days of the new year I finally made a big decision that I had been contemplating for a really long time. But before we get to that, let’s talk some numbers.

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November 2016 Monthly Income Report

Monthly Income Report November 2016

I’m going to make this a quick one as I have (again) failed to post my income report on time. That’s I won’t go into detail on November all that much and simply leave you with the number. December will be more thorough, I promise!

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October 2016 Monthly Income Report

Monthly Income Report September 2016

There goes October. Time is really flying this year. It’s the time of the year where sales usually hit their low point before everything starts picking up again just before the holidays. Usually Halloween will give you a little boost in your sales but things really only get going around mid November. It’s actually quite frustrating when you’re in the moment because you never really know if things will go as well as they did in the past. But I guess that’s just part of the business.

Anyway, you obviously want to know how my October went. Let me tell you, it wasn’t particularly good, which is a bit concerning. But check out the details for yourself.

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September 2016 Monthly Income Report

Monthly Income Report September 2016

Hi everyone, I’m still catching up on the past income reports and don’t want to waste your time with lots of talk. I honestly don’t have all to much to report right now. We’re moving into the hot phase as work right now during Q4 and a lot of my energy is also being put into our other side project, therefore it’s been fairly quiet recently. I’ll save the details for another time. Overall I must reiterate that July through October is always a quiet time of the year and sales don’t ramp up again before November. This happens every ear.

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August 2016 Monthly Income Report

Monthly Income Report August 2016

No big comments this time around. I’m really just catching up on the posts which I’m behind on and the retrospective is a bit pointless due to lack of context. Therefore let me rush through the facts for you.

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July 2016 Monthly Income Report

Monthly Income Report July 2016

Well, it seems the big summer party is over now. Last month I reported how good sales had been going and you can clearly see the effect in this month’s payout (remember that your sales are always paid out 2-4 weeks after the actual sale). That is also why July has a higher net result than June.

Overall it’s been rather quiet and I continue to be pre-occupied with other topics, so I simply can’t seem to dedicate more time. It’s really unfortunate, but I guess there’s only 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. I also haven’t managed to find a way yet to clone myself either 😉

How to Choose the Right T-Shirt Niche

That being said, what I have noticed is a staggering amount of traffic being driven to the site thanks to a specific article on how to choose the perfect niche for your t-shirt business. It’s strange because it’s a fairly short article really. I mean, there’s so much I could share on the topic, but I never got around to elaborating. But there’s clearly a strong interest for the topic and it makes me wonder wether it would make sense to create a separate course on how to identify the right niche for you. It’s something I’ll have to think about.

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June 2016 Monthly Income Report

Monthly Income Report June 2016

I saw it coming and I already told you this in my previous monthly income reports. It was clear that this summer would be a good one, but June exceeded my expectations by far. Sales continued to climb and got an extra boost thanks to the EURO 2016. It was by far my best non-Christmas sales month in more than 2 years!

Furthermore, almost 3 years after I initially started my own t-shirt printing project (before I found out I had to move to Cape Town), I’ve actually made my first t-shirt sale via my GoCaptain Shop. I know it sounds like a joke and it kind of is, because I haven’t invested any time or money into it. But it’s so bewildering to see your first actual t-shirt sale come through and deliver it to your customer. Read all about it in my June income report!

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