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The 5 Biggest Lies About Starting a T-Shirt Business

When it comes to starting your own t-shirt business, there is always no shortage of misconceptions going around. And it’s not because someone is looking to mislead you or make your life more complicated. It’s mainly because people tend to simply things too much and tend to deal better with things that they can classify as black or white. Most things aren’t like that and there is A LOT of gray area when it comes to starting a business of any kind.

Let’s try to debunk several big lies about creating a t-shirt business that you might have heard. This way, you will be able to get the correct picture of what to expect as you start your t-shirt business.

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5 Mistakes Which Will Kill Your T-Shirt Business

So many people think that having a t-shirt business is just a piece of cake. I hear a lot of people say “How hard can it be? It’s something I can do on my free time.” I also get calls from a lot of enthusiastic aspiring entrepreneurs telling me that they are so excited to start a t-shirt shop and that they’d need a few shirts printed. Their t-shirt designs are really awesome but when they asked me to quote for a few shirts, they get dismayed, after doing the math, that they have to sell the shirts for at least $30 each just to recoup their expenses.

The first thing you need to know is that selling t-shirts is hard. It requires a lot of research skills, creativity, dedication, and hard work. So to those of you who say “free time”, please go to the market, buy the hardest tofu you can find, and smash it to your head. You need a lot of time and a lot of money and a lot of energy to create a good t-shirt business. I’m not saying this to discourage you, I am saying this to put your feet on the ground in case you’re floating in your t-shirt business fantasies. Real work, real hard work, can only be done when both of your feet are on the ground. If you’re reading this and you’re raising your brows, still believing that selling t-shirts is as easy as selling candies, you might be right. But here’s something you should know: selling candies is not easy. And so is selling t-shirts.

And so let’s just say that even after the realization that starting and running a t-shirt business is hard, you decided to pursue it. Congratulations! Welcome to the phase called the Beginning. Like any endeavor, as much as possible, you want to be equipped with knowledge so that you’ll not commit as many mistakes as the ones who just dived blindly into it. Being knowledgeable from the start will help you navigate your t-shirt business in the right direction without losing a lot of time, energy, staff, friendships, clients, and money!

Here are some mistakes you can make that can potentially kill your t-shirt business:

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6 Reasons Why A Successful T-Shirt Entrepreneur Needs Passion

Here is one thing you should know before you even think about starting a t-shirt business: You can’t start a t-shirt business if your heart is not in it. You just can’t! You might roll your eyes and say “It’s just t-shirts, it’s not something like I’m gonna make automobiles or computers.” Sure. In that case, you’re right. T-shirt business is definitely easier compared to other businesses, but it is not something so easy that anyone can do it. Every month, there are hundreds of excited entrepreneurs who want to make t-shirts (because they think it’s easy money) but only one or two of those people actually do it.

Starting a t-shirt business looks so simple on the outside, but on the first day of your attempt at a t-shirt business, you will find out that it’s far from simple or easy. You must be absolutely, one-hundred-percently crazy about shirts if you want to be a successful t-shirt entrepreneur or else you’d be miserable and broke. Here are the reasons why entrepreneurs need a truckload of passion in order to succeed in the t-shirt business…

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Top 5 Reasons Why Anyone Can Start A T-Shirt Business From Nothing

Without even knowing you I can tell you exactly why you have come to this page. You’re either thinking about starting your own T-Shirt business or you’ve already done that but aren’t making any significant sales. Well you’ve come to the right place.

What I’m about to share with you might not come as a surprise to those who are already in the business but for a newcomer the mere thought of running your own business can be quite overwhelming. Do I have what it takes? What if I don’t have any designer skills? How am I going to run a business without any experience? Where should I start? What if I have absolutely no money to spend?

There’s no need to drive yourself crazy about this. I will name you the top 5 reasons why just about anyone can start a hugely successful t-shirt business from scratch. I will deliver solid proof that it is possible and show you how I have been earning money from my T-Shirt business these past 5 years.

I will also give you exclusive access to my FREE Master Class into the secret world of successful T-Shirt businesses.

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